A/U Ranches Brings Community Together for Spring Service Weekend


Several members of the Adventure Unlimited community came together at the A/U Ranches for its annual Spring Service Weekend over Memorial Day weekend to help camp get ready for the summer season.

Last spring, due to regulations, the A/U Ranches was cleaned up by a dedicated band of local volunteers. But this year, thanks to changes in Colorado’s regulations, we were able to include participants from all over the country, with some distancing restrictions still in place.

Jack Kavanaugh (far right) joins other participants on the deck of Valerie Lodge.

Alumnus Jack Kavanaugh attended the weekend, along with fellow representatives from The Campership Fund from Anchorage, Concord (New Hampshire), Denver, Dallas and Santa Fe. “There was no better way to demonstrate ‘Camp-Passion’ than to get friends together to celebrate the kick-off of summer at the A/U Ranches,” Jack says. “My friends LOVE the camp community, and how the camps build a rock solid foundation for students of Christian Science.”

Service projects included painting, gardening, forestry and helping to prepare the cabins. In between work projects, attendees connected over music, meals and more.

Martin and Robyn Gonzalez

Another alum and attendee, Robyn Gonzalez, says, “It was so great being back at the A/U Ranches and to be able to bring my husband, who has never been, and my nephew. The last time I was there overnight was in high school for the rafting session. It brought back so many great memories. My husband and I had such a great time, we decided to go back for Adult Mini Camp this summer, and will definitely be back for Spring Service Weekend. Thanks Adventure Unlimited staff, from the headquarters to the camps, for making it possible for us to come out and help for such a great cause.”

Want to be a part of helping camp get ready for next summer? Learn more here.

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