A Thousand Windows Podcast: Garrett Barner


In this episode of A Thousand Windows, alumnus Garrett Barner tells his story of how the A/U Ranches – which included mentors like Lachlan Clarke, who passed on in October 2021 – helped him understand the practicality of Christian Science, and that he could do anything he set his mind to.

Garrett Barner in 2017 during staff training at the A/U Ranches


Garrett riding his horse through the poles while his mentor, Lachlan Clarke, observes during training camp


Garrett in 2017 heading into the key

2 Responses to “A Thousand Windows Podcast: Garrett Barner”

  1. Elizabeth Bear

    Wow! What a great podcast Garret. Loved hearing the touching thoughts you shared about AU and your many years there.

  2. Debbie (Merrill) Bauman

    I just loved this. The podcast so perfectly captured what the foundation of A/U Ranches did for so many of us. I too worked at Round Up Corral in late 70’s through early 80’s. I learned from so many I was fortunate to spend time with from corral staff to those in Administration. This was also a beautiful tribute to Lachlan. Thank you for doing this.


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