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By Steve Spaulding, Summit Society member

Steve Spaulding

My initial connection with Adventure Unlimited might be a little different from others. Dad and Mom were good friends with John [Cap] and Marianne Andrews, and Cap asked Dad to be one of his first trustees. However, I never went to any summer camp nor did my boys, so when Art Morey [an Adventure Unlimited trustee] asked me to consider becoming a trustee, I wasn’t at all sure that it was a good fit.

Nevertheless, I went to the A/U Ranches to visit during camp and will never forget what happened. I was on the porch of one of the lodges, and a group of campers and counselors were having a morning inspirational session, where I heard the thoughts and testimonies from the kids. That was it! I knew that Christian Science was being practiced and lives were being changed and molded.

As I spent more time there, it was clear that this atmosphere was so nurturing and conducive to learning how to practice Christian Science, sometimes under challenging circumstances, and that friendships were being made that would last forever. I gratefully accepted the invitation and have been a supporter ever since.

What greater gift can we give to our movement than provide a situation where our youngest Christian Scientists are learning to practice the most valuable resource in the world in such a supportive environment and then go back home and spread the word! I am happy to be providing for Adventure Unlimited in our estate and on a regular basis.

What is the Summit Society?

The Summit Society of Adventure Unlimited was established to honor all those who have taken the special step of including Adventure Unlimited in their long-term plans through a bequest provision or other estate commitment.

Summit Society

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