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Looking toward 2015 and beyond

By Gina Lindquist, Executive Director

AU-DB 2015 visionIn the fall of 2008, Adventure Unlimited’s staff and trustees embarked on developing a compelling vision for 2015 that would meet the ever changing needs of our constituency. Our approach ensures consistency with Cap and Marianne Andrew’s original vision, while allowing for continual growth.

Through a five phase process, we’ve revisited our past plan, gathered information from internal (staff and trustees) and external (alumni, parents, young adults, donors, foundations, etc.) stakeholders, assessed and evaluated our situation, agreed on priorities and vision, and developed a comprehensive plan to move A/U to the next step in this unfolding adventure!

Two themes emerged as we looked at where we wanted to be in the future – service to mankind and a commitment to providing an atmosphere conducive to seeing healing in action. These ideas will carry Adventure Unlimited to the next stage of evolution.

Our vision for 2015 is:

To be recognized as a vital community where every individual experiences God, and spiritual seekers develop a commitment to healing and serving mankind based on the application of Christian Science.

We’ve outlined a plan to reach this vision. Success in achieving these core strategies will require A/U to be nimble, responsive, and adaptive to a constantly changing market. The goal is to build a global network through our summer camps and year-round DiscoveryBound (DB) programs that unite and connect young Christian Scientists enabling them to explore and value their spiritually unique view of the world.

Our vision and detailed plan will enable us to branch into new arenas and bless even more individuals.

Through a diverse mix of core and non-core programs we will continue to “Open Windows to God” and support and foster CS youth, families, friends and young adults. Seven core strategies that focus on financial sustainability, extensive program offerings, strong organizational leadership, partnerships with other organizations, leverage of technology, improvement of key assets and exploration of international offerings will help us fulfill our mission and goals.

Several points of departure from previous plans include:

  • The need to establish long-term financial feasibility through a three-year financial plan, and decrease dependence on our annual fundraising efforts through an increase in endowment earnings.
  • A focus on providing points of connection and interaction for 18-35 year olds.
  • Development of stronger relationships and potential partnerships with other organizations looking to serve and bless CS youth.
  • Exploration of programming on an international level, though we plan to proceed gently and with great care.

Our vision and detailed plan will enable us to branch into new arenas and bless even more individuals.

In 2015, we would consider ourselves successful if we meet the following statements:

  • Adventure Unlimited is providing life changing experiences, ones that consistently deliver high quality and in-depth programs focused on experiencing healing in action. And we are known in our core market for our spiritual components, healing, and service to mankind.
  • Our programs are innovative and meet the needs of our participants, while increasing the number of individuals we serve yearly.
  • We operate as one and have a solid practice of teamwork throughout the organization, while leveraging technology and available resources to improve our assets.
  • Financial sustainability has been achieved ensuring the continuation of Adventure Unlimited for future generations.

The next five years in A/U’s history promises to be full of unlimited ideas and adventures!

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  1. Scott Putnam

    Having taught a SS class in Portland this summer of NLCer’s, I was impressed by the calibre of thought and focus of these teens from around the country. If I had any reservations about this program, it was gone after this experience.

    If the CS movement is to survive this 21st century, it must cultivate the young people found in our SS’s, support their interest and commitment to CS, and let them realize in their experience this “pearl of great price” and demonstrate its truths in bringing healing and unselfed service to humanity.

    It provides these teens the greatest legacy on earth, the one Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy left all of us. Bravo to the NLC and DB programs.


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