A/U Ranches: Youth - Water Majors

High alpine lakes, the Arkansas River and a brand new Junior Olympic size pool provide outstanding venues for the different degrees of water programs at Adventure Unlimited. Moving through these majors, campers develop skills and confidence. Each major has an overnight trip focusing on the development of their skills.


              A/U Ranches - Youth Camp - Water Majors from Adventure Unlimited

SVR = Sky Valley Ranch  •  RUR = Round-Up Ranch

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3 – 8

Whitewater Rafting

9 – 12

Whitewater Kayaking

9 – 12


SVR Waterfront (3rd - 8th graders)

Waterfront teaches a range of skills and activities. Developing canoeing and kayaking skills on the camp lakes, it prepares campers for the significant challenge of their 3-day overnight trip - paddling across Turquoise Lake. Campers learn swimming skills and "camp" water polo, all of which are showcased in the Water Olympics on the final day of camp. 7th and 8th graders have a chance to go whitewater rafting. Everyone visits the Arkansas River to participate in Jump Rocks.

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RUR Whitewater Rafting (9th - 12th graders)

Rafting on the most popular whitewater in Colorado, rafters have a unique opportunity to learn how to become a raft guide. Our counselors are certified River Guides by the State of Colorado. Each camper paddles as part of a "rafting family" learning how to read the river. Campers develop their skills and confidence by captaining the rafts themselves.

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Whitewater Kayaking (9th - 12th graders)

Our kayaking program is perfect for campers comfortable with the river and ready to go to the next level. We start in the camp lakes and pool with instruction in paddling techniques and rolling lessons, then move on to the Arkansas River. Local river parks provide the perfect venue for developing river confidence, moving to moderate sections of the river and culminating in a run on Brown's Canyon.

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