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Set in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area and Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks, Adventure Unlimited’s mountain programs provide unparalleled opportunities for the beginners through advanced mountaineers. Our mountaineering programs introduce campers of every age to backpacking, the low, middle and high ropes course and rock climbing in our state of the art rock gym and at Turtle Rocks. Each major provides activities specific to the needs and abilities of the age group. The Sky Valley mountain majors come together on the last day of camp to compete in the Mountain Madness Team Triathlon.


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SVR = Sky Valley Ranch  •  RUR = Round-Up Ranch

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2 - 4


4 - 6  All


6 - 8  All

Challengers Outcamp

7 - 8

Mountain Mosaic

9 - 12  2 & 3


9 - 12  2

Conquerors Xtreme

9 - 12  3

Mountain Biking

9 - 12  2


SVR Explorers (2nd - 4th graders)

A perfect introduction to the Ranch experience, designed with our younger campers in mind. You’ll love the nature study, games, hiking, Native American lore, mountain legends, and your own camping trip to a teepee along a stream on the Ranch property. You'll also have a chance to swim and canoe with Waterfront and learn horse basics with the Buckaroos.

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SVR Mountaineering (5th - 6th graders)

First-time campers, as well as experienced mountaineers, will enjoy the challenge of rock climbing, A/U's ropes and initiative course and climbing a 14,000 foot peak during their 3-day backpacking trip. Mountaineers have a unique opportunity to explore the Porcupine Caves.

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SVR Challengers (7th - 8th graders)

For the oldest Sky Valley Campers, Challengers welcomes new and returning campers. In addition to taking backpacking, rock climbing and ropes course to the next level, campers participate in a service project as part of their focus on developing leadership and teamwork. They also have a chance to experience rafting on the Arkansas River.

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SVR Challengers Outcamp (7th - 8th graders)

For confident and comfortable backpackers, this trip offers a great opportunity for extended time in Colorado's magnificent wilderness. Campers prepare for the trip with team building and backcountry skills instruction and then put their skills to work during seven days of backpacking, peak climbs and a solo experience.

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RUR Mountain Mosaic (9th - 12th graders)

This program is a sampling of camp activities based in the core mountaineering activities. Campers will also explore area caves, do some mountain biking and have a chance to go whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River. During second session, Mosaics will spend more time in the backcountry on a four-day backpacking trip.

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RUR Conquerors (9th - 12th graders)

If you’re an experienced mountaineer looking for more challenge, Conquerors is a great option. Taking the core mountain experiences to new levels with rock climbing and mountain biking, Conquerors also spends 5-days in the backcountry attempting several 14,000 foot peaks.

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RUR Conquerors-Xtreme - No Limits (9th - 12th graders)

Ready to push yourself physically while learning how to rely on Spirit for your energy, power, endurance and joy? The physical intensity of this program will be significant, but the challenges will also be great fun! You will run a triathlon, climb a technical rock wall, race a 10-18 mile trail run, mountain bike up to 50 miles and ascend a 14,000 foot peak by a technical route using ropes and gear, just to name a few. Join us for the excitement and you will not be disappointed…or bored!

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RUR Mountain Biking (9th - 12th graders)

Explore the Colorado Rockies under your own power and two wheels. For beginners through advanced riders, mountain biking pushes you at your own individual level. Campers build basic skills, ride jeep trails and single-track, and test skills on local pump and jump tracks. A 4-day trip includes riding from camp to the campside and hauling your own gear on a portion of the trip.

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* All or part of this operation is conducted on Public lands under a Special Recreation Permit from the Department of the Interior BLM.

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